Mother nature's gift of beautiful, natural hair

100 million years ago, ancient volcanoes blanketed all of modern-day Wyoming with ash. This ash landed in a shallow sea and gathered minerals from the seawater. Today, this ash is known as bentonite, and is the basis for the world's most gentle, cleansing, and conditioning natural hair wash.

From a firey beginning eons ago, the bentonite in our hair wash is carefully blended with essential oils to make a unique, citrus-scented gel. Unlike any other bentonite hair wash, it holds its shape when you scoop it into your hand. It isn't runny or messy. The gel is slippery and glides through your hair without dribbling all over the place. That's Mud Puddle.

Mud Puddle is made with natural ingredients. There are no chemicals. There are no artificial preservatives. It's vegan, and it's never been tested on animals.