How to Use

Once your hair is accustomed to Mud Puddle, it’s no more work to use than a regular shampoo. But if you’re using Mud Puddle for the first time, it’s important to do a “Deep Cleanse.”

Daily Instructions

Use an amount about the size of two grapes. Scoop it into the palm of your hand, and gently massage it into wet hair. Wait at least a minute, and then rinse thoroughly. Don’t allow the mud to dry in your hair.

Deep Cleanse

Most shampoos and conditioners today are filled with artificial polymers and synthetic moisturisers designed to coat the hair follicle and hide the damage that they do.

Mud Puddle Bentonite Hair Wash is designed to bring out the natural beauty of your hair.

When deciding to embrace the no-poo lifestyle and choosing to respect your hair by caring for it with the most natural of products, it is important to cleanse the hair thoroughly, removing all the artificial buildup and synthetic products.

How To Do The Mud Puddle One Week Deep Cleanse:

  1. During the Deep Cleanse, each time you wash your hair, do two thorough washes. Just follow the “Daily Instructions” above, but do it twice.
  2. Continue washing your hair, twice in the same sitting, every day for 4 days.

The Mud Puddle Way

Once you have converted to using Mud Puddle Mud Wash full time, you will notice you will most likely not need to wash your hair more than 3 times a week (this is dependent on your hair type, and how many other products you use on your hair on a daily basis). You’ll also notice that your hair has more shine, bounce and volume than it has ever had before.

Welcome to a new season of gorgeous hair – no synthetic strings attached.

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