People are raving about Mud Puddle! Here’s what some people have said.


“My first mud wash. I’d been doubtful of the whole concept that mud could clean hair but this actually did! The texture of it isn’t even mud-like but more like a jello/jelly pudding. I used it right after a henna treatment and my hair felt extremely strong. As I was applying it to my hair I saw sudsy action, not like a real shampoo but I could feel and see my hair getting clean. I’m impressed and sold on the ‘mud cleaning’ concept!!”

Mercedes T. on


“I really liked it and I am happy that I found a ‘no poo’ product that actually works. I think this is a great, easy, effective non-toxic way to wash your hair. It’s great for those who want a one step, or are looking for the most natural, non-toxic way to cleanse the hair without traditional shampoo.”

Bailey Blush


“Its so squishy, I love it! This hair rinse is bentonite clay-based and infused with essential oils. Its 100% Vegan and cruelty free. No SLS or other artificial preservatives. Its as easy as massaging it into your scalp and hair and rinsing thoroughly”

Onyx and Mick


“Il ne mousse pas, ce qui est un peu surprenant au début, mais on sent qu’il fait son travail. L’odeur de ce shampoing est vraiment agréable (agrume et orange très présente) et donne la sensation de cheveux propre.”

English Translation: “It does not foam, which is a bit surprising at first, but it does its job. The smell of this shampoo is really nice (noticeably citrus and orange) and it gives the feeling of clean hair. ”

Makeup Passion Beauté


“I do have VERY damaged over processed blonde hair but it gave me a nice beachy tossled look”

Empire Lush (July 14, 2013 post)


“It is bentonite clay based and very squishy! You can massage it in rinse it out and then you’re done — soft hair on the go. So if you’re into wash and go treatments, this is a great product to use on a busy day!”
Sister Sister Beauty Blog

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