The No-Poo Method

Mud Puddle is not shampoo – it’s no-poo! What’s no-poo all about?

How “No-Poo” Can Help You

No-poo is a term that describes the different ways to cleanse hair without using traditional shampoos that leave hair dry, damaged, and unhealthy. No-poo is becoming popular in the health and beauty world and for several good reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits no poo offers.

Chemical Free

There are many chemicals used in normal shampoos to strip hair of it’s natural oils, or sebum. There is no way of fully knowing all of the side effects that those chemicals have on hair. The truth is, sebum is actually needed to create a healthy pH balance. Without a healthy pH balance, the scalp gets dry and flaky. Hair also gets brittle and prone to breakage. By using a no-poo method, hair becomes clean without being stripped of those essential oils. The no-poo method is virtually chemical free, so there are no concerns about synthetic chemical effects on the body.

More Attractive Hair

With all that extra sebum, hair becomes shinier! The sebum also allows hair to become less frizzy. The hair follicles slowly start to repair themselves, sealing the hair cuticle. This makes the hair more manageable. Many no-poo users find that they gain the hair they always wanted, but gave up on having. Hair grows faster and becomes thicker because it isn’t constantly breaking off due to chemical damage.

It’s Practical

Hair grows accustomed over time to having its own oils back and the time spent washing hair is significantly less than with regular shampooing. Most no-poo converts can go 4-5 days between hair washes. With regular shampooing, there is a lot of time spent after shampooing to replace the lost sebum with conditioner. With a no-poo method, those oils are kept in the hair so you can skip the deep conditioning process. This uses fewer products and less time. The no-poo method is economical and effective!

The benefits of no-poo make it worth trying! Many people have been converted into no-poo fans for the above reasons and others. Try the no-poo method and find your unique reasons to love this way of cleansing hair!

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